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Suicide Squad is the Best Superhero Movie Ever

Suicide Squad is like no other superhero movie you’ve ever seen before. Yes, it’s chaotic, but what else do you expect from a movie about a group of psychotic criminals? They’re the bad guys. They don’t have secret hearts of gold. They’re just bad. There’s no redemption. No turning over a new leaf. No walking away from their criminal past. They have no problem with who they are or what they do. What makes them cool is the fact that they are so good at being complete badasses. This the essence of what makes this movie so much fun to watch. And why Suicide Squad is the best superhero movie ever.

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I am a Dad with ADHD

To most people the words ADD or ADHD conjures up thoughts of crazy kids running wild while their frustrated parents stand in the corner slowly banging their head against the wall. The problem is I’m not a 10-year-old kid, I’m a mid-40’s Dad with ADD. That frustrated parent in the corner is actually my wife. And it’s not our kids that are driving her crazy.

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Finding Dory

Finding Dory teaches kids about the power of family and the importance of believing in yourself against all odds. The movie picks-up 6-months after Finding Nemo. Like most people, Dory remembers bits of pieces of memories that are triggered by her life experiences. This is what happens to her at the beginning of Finding Dory. She convinces her clownfish best friends Marlin and Nemo that she has parents and that she really, really misses them. So starts their next epic quest.

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The Last Summer for Your Favorite Drive In Theater

They’re old, a little dirty and sadly becoming a relic of the past. I’m talking about aging, but still wonderful drive-in theaters. In a world filled with smartphones, tablets, digital streaming and on-demand everything, many folks don’t even go to regular movie theaters anymore. So why would they even think about a drive-in? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

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The Angry Birds Movie

Did you ever have the feeling that everybody around you is drinking happy cool-aid, but there’s never any for you? That’s what Red (Jason Sudekis) feels like every day. He lives on an island of flightless birds where everyone is happy, but Red. That’s backstory of The Angry Birds Movie.

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The English Patient Slow Torture Test

People that know me understand that many of my adventures are based around my ADD and my inability to focus on things that I’m not interested in. My wife is one of the most skilled experts at testing the limits of my ADD boundaries. The English Patient Slow Torture Test is a good example of her skills. She loves this awful movie and I had to agree to watch it. It took over a month and the help of my buddies watching it with me to get through it, but in the end I persevered.

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