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Girls Rock Science Weekend at Carnegie Science Center

So what are you doing this weekend? If you have daughters like I do, then you should be at the Girls Rock Science Weekend at Carnegie Science Center. It’s this weekend September 24th and 25th. As a parent, I’m always looking for ways to get my kids more interested in technology. I’ve never had any problems getting my son excited about science and technology. My oldest daughter (9-years-old) takes a little more motivating at times. That’s why events like this are so awesome for parents of girls.

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Educational Value in Gaming for Kids

Most of the gaming we see our kids doing is limited to shooting things, building blocks or driving recklessly. That’s why it usually gets a bad rep with most parents. There’s actually an educational value in gaming for kids that happens when they’re specifically playing with their friends. That’s the part I’m talking about here. Left to their own devices in these environments, kids actually learn valuable life lessons like strategy, organization, conflict resolution, leadership and more.

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Good Parenting Competition

It’s the Good Parenting Competition in all its glory. Social Media has created an environment where otherwise normal parents have developed an almost pathological need to be liked. So they post anything and everything. They exaggerate seemingly small details. They create drama where there is none. All in a sad, desperate attempt… to be liked. It’s time to simplify your life, go back to the basics and give your kids more of you. Parenting isn’t a competition and your kids don’t care what other people think of you.

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Contraceptive Film and Minecraft

Today I want to talk about contraceptive film and Minecraft… Wait, what? Got your attention didn’t I? I actually wanted to talk about the importance of parental controls on all your kid’s devices. I know, yawn… It’s important though. And I promise contraceptives, Minecraft and parental controls are all weirdly related in this post.

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Watching Willy Wonka in Theaters One Last Time

Like many his fans, I have watched Willy Wonka several times with my kids since hearing the sad news that Gene Wilder had passed away a few days ago. So I was excited to learn today that AMC Theaters is honoring Mr Wilder by bringing back two of his most popular films on the big screen, this weekend only Saturday 9/3 and Sunday 9/4 at 55 AMC Theaters across the country. Here in Pittsburgh Willy Wonka is showing at 5PM at AMC Waterfront 22 followed shortly after by Blazing Saddles at 7:30PM.

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The Dad Burkini

As a guy I really don’t understand burkinis or why a woman would want to wear one on a hot beach. Personally I’d rather stay in air conditioning. Either way, I could care less what anybody is wearing at the beach. I just don’t get why so many people have issues with burkinis. It looks so much like a wetsuit that you could probably get away with calling it a wetsuit and nobody would say anything. It doesn’t make sense, but I believe I have figured out way to fix this. I would like to propose something I call the Dad burkini. Think what you will, but it’s ridiculous enough to actually work.

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EpiPen Cost Savings

Any parent of a child with severe allergies understands the terrifying experience of seeing them have a bad reaction. It’s truly horrible. When you’re introduced to the world of severe allergic reactions you quickly become acquainted with a product called an “EpiPen”. You also quickly find out just how expensive they are. We found a list of EpiPen Cost Savings programs that Mylan is running for consumers that they just announced at the end of August.

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Suicide Squad is the Best Superhero Movie Ever

Suicide Squad is like no other superhero movie you’ve ever seen before. Yes, it’s chaotic, but what else do you expect from a movie about a group of psychotic criminals? They’re the bad guys. They don’t have secret hearts of gold. They’re just bad. There’s no redemption. No turning over a new leaf. No walking away from their criminal past. They have no problem with who they are or what they do. What makes them cool is the fact that they are so good at being complete badasses. This the essence of what makes this movie so much fun to watch. And why Suicide Squad is the best superhero movie ever.

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